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Cree Health Board Elections 2016

Élections Cree Health Board

The Cree Health Board election will take place August 31 (Advanced Polls) and September 6, 2016.The five candidates for the office of the CHB chairperson are in alphabetical order: Charles Bobbish... [+]

Antoine Monnier in Culturesmonde on France Culture (French)

Radio France Culture

Antoine Monnier was interviewed by Culturesmonde by Florian Delorme on France Culture, on Novembre 13, 2013. He spoke about the challenges of new technologies in the North.The broadcast by Florian Delorme... [+]

Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief Elections 2013

GCC-CRA Grand Chief/Deputy Grand Chief Elections 2013

Wachiya! This July 15, 2013 the election of the Grand Chief and the Deputy Grand Chief of the Crees will be held. Soleica is happy to contribute again to this important event and to publish the election... [+]

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