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Antoine, May 13, 2004

After doing a 24 hour stopover in Kuujjuaraapik, which was not very productive, the city was indeed deserted for Goose break, Jean-François and myself left to Puvirnituq last Tuesday in a middle of a snowstorm. The cold, the snow, the rain and the wind after the hot temperatures in Montreal brought me back to this Internet project, in a way, similar to someone jumping in icy water to awake.

On my arrival in Puvirnituq, I was pleased to met Camille again, the KMHB technician, three weeks after the bad weather conditions that cancelled the planes. As soon as the hotel arrangements were done, we head ourselves to the NV to collect our tools and meet the employees who all seemed pleased with the work achieved by our tandem Damien and Andrew! Then I gave the digital camera to Jusipi, our local agent who was very touched and delighted to be able to use it. Indeed I strongly recommended him to use it to fuel with photographs Soleica for the Web activities. He promised me to do so! Après avoir fait une escale de 24 heures peu productive à Kuujjuaraapik, la ville était désertée pour cause de "Goose break", Jean-François et moi-même sommes partis vers Puvirnituq en pleine tempête de neige mardi dernier. Le froid, la neige, la pluie et le vent après les températures chaudes de Montréal m'ont aidé à me replonger dans ce projet Internet, un peu comme lorsqu'on se jette dans l'eau glaciale pour se réveiller.

Akulivik avion

The following day at dawn, we left in a Twin Otter chartered only for us and our luggage, towards Akulivik. The temperature was high and the scenery around was fascinating. The pilot was manning the plane at a very low altitude and doing air exercises at less than 200 meters off the ground!

On our return to the hotel in the municipal office truck, we had to reverse on the unique road from the city to the airport. Indeed some snowdrifts were higher than the vehicle and make it difficult to drive further. Akulivik has been on blizzard the all week, our driver, a municipal office employee, explained to us.

Akulivik 2004

At last, the work could start ! Not for a long time. No sooner have we successfully located the Telecom device rack in the ceiling in the police station, than we come to realize that the cables and connectors had been damaged. But with the efficient backup provided by Denis and Jean-François Delorme in Kuujjuaq, we succeeded in fixing as by miracle the network installation by the end of the evening.

Finally the meetings with the NV and the Daycare take place today, in an excellent work atmosphere. We are looking forward to Saima's arrival scheduled on Saturday even though work would already have advanced smoothly, with Jean-François.

Jean-François, May 14, 2004

Despite the grayness, the reflection of the sunrays on the immensity of snow around burns our face. Dazzled by this boreal light, we walk with crinkly eyes to the town hall and do not know where to look. We’re going today to begin the physical work. The first stage consists of moving the wireless router onto the room. Thus, we will have to install again the wiring outdoors.

The northern wind welcomes me in a rather shingling way. Standing on the municipal office’s roof and exposed to its icy bite, I wait for Antoine to return with the useful tools. In front of me is Akulivik, a tiny and lively village. Nothing seems to be able to slow down its effervescence. There are soon 30 minutes that Antoine has left me to the Coop and I am smoothly beginning to turn into ice. I then decide to leave my place to go and look for him. When I arrive at the store, Antoine is paying his purchases at the cashbox. I thus take this opportunity to warm up a little.

From the NV

On my return on the top of the town hall with the tools in my pocket we can start our work. The installation will end up being rather long and tiresome. The temperature, very cold obliges us to take turns not to become too tired. Finally, we complete the work in the middle of the afternoon.

Jean-François, May 16, 2004

Yesterday Antoine set out again to Ivujivik. Saima Mark, the computer technician at the ARK, arrived in the same plane that was to bring Antoine further in the North. The work has started with Saima as of his arrival. As soon he was getting off the plane, Saima was trying to plan the work he would have to do this week. Within approximately a day and a half, we have succeeded in cabling the KRPF, the KRG Employment and Training and the Land Holding. We also succeeded in solving the wireless connection problem at the airport and in connecting this network like that of the KRG ET to the network of Akulivik.

Saima on the roofSaima is a young hardworking man and very motivated! I am positvie that we will get along well. ! I anticipate the coming week positively and I begin to look forward to the training sessions. I still have a lot of work remaining, but things go on smoothly.

Jean-François, May 18, 2004

After a very long day setting up the work stations at the NV and at the Daycare, I continue today my marathon with my first training session. But all a sudden my plans are modified by a research operation undergone to find a family who got lost while returning from a fishing weekend. I must add that the temperature is still very low and that the blizzard is of any help. According to the last news, some Inuit have succeeded in establishing a radio contact with this small family. The situation is critical. The four people are in difficulty and they are putting themselves in serious danger. They are running out of fuel, warm clothes and food. Their chances to survive in the heavy blizzard in this hard tundra are getting lower little by little.

Finally we receive some good news! They succeeded in locating the family and a Air Inuit charter is taking off to assist them. It is thus in a much more relaxed atmosphere that the training session with the mayor is taking place.

Despite he being on holidays, Eli puts really himself out to spend few hours with me so that I teach him some computer basic skills. The session ends up with a firm handshake and big smiles. I am quite satisfied and the esteem I feel towards this man and the other employees at the NV is immense.

Jean-François, May 19, 2004

Today I undertake the most important part of my trip. I give today a general training lesson on computer. I have to present the potentiality of this new tool and to arouse interest. Although I’m not too much under pressure, I cannot hide a certain excitement. Time passes quickly and there are already a few years that I did not give a lecture. I hope that my course will not be too dry!

As my course plan is written in the board, my tools well displayed, my students start to enter in the class... I feel I am a plunger on the point of doing the jump of his life! As soon I have started speak, that my apprehensions disappear. Looks are attentive and curious. My pupils take notes and their questions are numerous and relevant. Time passes without influencing us much and I realize that the volume of information that I transmit them is much larger than I have scheduled at the beginning. That's no problem; I am very pleased to take the time to answer all their questions! The course finishes in a good atmosphere and I leave the NV that evening with the feeling a duty accomplished.

Jf au tableauMon plan de cours écrit au tableau, mes outils bien disposés, mes élèves commencent à entrer en classe… Je me sens comme un plongeur qui s'apprête à faire le saut de sa vie! À peine ai-je commencé à parler, que mes appréhensions disparaissent. Les regards sont attentifs et curieux. Mes élèves prennent des notes et leurs questions sont nombreuses et pertinentes. Le temps file sans avoir d'emprise sur nous et je me rends compte que le volume d'information que je leur transmets est beaucoup plus grand que je ne le prévoyais au départ. Qu'à cela ne tienne, il me fait vraiment plaisir de prendre le temps de répondre à toutes leurs interrogations! Le cours se termine dans la bonne humeur et je quitte le NV ce soir là avec le sentiment du devoir accompli.

Jean-François, May 21, 2004

Today, it is with a certain sadness that I left the municipal office. I have just finished the last sprint of my marathon. I have just spent the last two days giving the employees of the various organizations individual trainings. I was pleased to meet Lydia Nappatuk, the secretary treasurer. She was delighted to be able to store her next SUV directly with Internet. She could even choose between the various colors with a simple click from the mouse. I exchanged MSN messenger contacts with Quaraq Amamatuak, the receptionist at the NV. I showed Elisapi Alayco, the secretary treasurer assistant, how to find with Google photographs of Akulivik and to use them as screen wallpaper. For Willia Nappatuk, the municipal manager, that were the weather forecasts that enchanted him! Akulivik

Luuku Qullialuk, the employee of the OMHK, was delighted to be able to communicate by email with people she knew in other villages. For the manager of the LandHolding Jimmy Alayco, a backgammon enthusiastic amateur, the discovery of theYahoo site and the possibility to play on line with people around the world made him very much happy! And finally, Alayco Qullialuk, the new director at the Daycare, succeeded in finding some interesting sites to help her developing new activities for the children.

I take the plane again tomorrow for Ivujivik, but I already know that I will leave a part of myself here. I hope to have the possibility to return here one day and meet the friends that I have made during this short stay.


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