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Benoît, February 12, 2004

Since the local networks we have set up have been finalized and their users have been trained, I thought that my stay in Kangiqsujuaq was nearing its end. And yet, the day before our departure, scheduled for February 11th, a new customer requires from us to be provided with e-mail service. Well, an additional unexpected event. The customer satisfied, I took advantage of the remaining time before the departure of the airplane to do a last verification of the sites on which we had worked. I hence, came to realise what needs many users had not dared telling me about. As our objective is the customers satisfaction and not to arrive on time at the airport, when I looked up at the plane, it was already on the track, ready for takeoff...

Benoît, February 10, 2004

KangiqsujuaqWe finally got coupled to the local network of the KRG building with Jean-François. This building not only accommodates the Employment and Training premises, but also those of the LandHolding and the Pingualuit Parc. Contrarily to what we estimated as an easy and quick situation, we found it very difficult to configurate the network, due mostly to the incompatibility of some computers. After a few days of work, we could begin with the users' training who were delighted to be able to communicate by e-mail. Tomorrow, Jean-François has to return to Kuujjuag and I will travel forth to Salluit to serve Soleica's customers.

Benoît, February 5, 2004

Although we had the feeling that we had made huge progress in our work, we have been at a standstill and been facing many problems since last Sunday. Jean-François and I have to provide emergency technical support for other communities and solve major problems on computers that have just been connected too. Taking into account JF's flue, this week has not been gone very well so far. However, we've been attending the training of the sled dogs on the frozen bay for a few days, which cheers us up. To think you just need to make a hole in the ice at low water to discover a profusion of life whereas it is all spotlessly white elsewhere, isn't that fabulous?

Benoît, February 1, 2004

After 4 days of hard work to install the local network of the Northern Village and to operate maintenance work on all the computers, the Internet connection has been finally working on. The four-wheel drive that had been lent to us will not forget the times when it was so deeply blocked by snow that a bulldozer was needed to put it back twice on the road. We also connected the Daycare but it was quite an easy job because there was only one computer. At the weekend, we were present when the Canadian Rangers came back in the community after they had been hiking for a few days on their winter training. In the evening, a medal ceremony was organised to reward the most outstanding members.

Benoît, January 28, 2004

After our stay in Kangirsuk, here we are in the beautiful mountainous village of Kangiqsujuaq, anchored at the far end of the Wakeham bay. Jean-François from KRG and I stay in this community to connect 4 sites to the Internet. We must also install the local networks in the 2 most important sites which are the building of the Northern Village, which also accommodates the KMHB office, and the building shared by Employment and Training, the Nunaturlik Landholding and the Pingualuit parcs compagny. The two other sites are the KRPF and the Daycare premises. Finally, Jean-François must also install a brand new computer at the airport that will provide weather forecasts for Environment Canada. And a lot of work to do for at least 10 days.


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