Xavier, February 17, 2004

Oujé-BougoumauOn the following day, departure for Ouje-Bougoumou. It is a splendid village where everything has been built in the same style. There is a traditional wooden village which is very beautiful. As we arrived earlier than scheduled, we take this opportunity to have a walk in the village located on the side of a small hill overlooking the lake. The buildings are new and all is well decorated. Our work here is done very quickly and don't encounter any problems. When we are finished, James asks me whether I have already done some skidooing. After a negative answer, he asks the person, for whom we have installed the database, to get some information for us, on where to find some skidoos. The perspective of the tour enchantes me. But unfortunately (for this time), the owner of the machines was not there. However, as James says, we move back in order to jump better! It will thus be for the next time.

Oujé-BougoumauBefore leaving, I meet the employee at the tourist office who shows me the stays they organise: skidoo, hunting, fishing, building of traditional teepees, traditional cooking and discovery-tour on the Cree history. Enough to bring home some good memories.

Before leaving, we eat at the splendid Lodge, which is brand new and admirably decorated. and then it is the return back to Chibougamau and Montreal.