Un site internet de rencontres internationales entre le Canada, la France et la Russie

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L'équipe de développement de Soleica est particulièrement fière d'avoir développé un site internet de rencontres internationales entre le Canada, la France et la Russie pour permettre à des hommes célibataires au Canada et en France de trouver leur compagne en Russie et en Ukraine. Nous avons utilisé la technologie Joomla qui est celle utilisée pour nos développements pour nos clients Inuits et Cris au Canada. Notre base de donnée utilise MySQL et contient au-delà de 1,000 profils de femmes russes et ukrainiennes qui cherchent l'amour avec un homme au Canada.


Les technologies utilisées sont :

  • Joomla, système de gestion de contenu dans sa dernière version,
  • Serveur Apache virtualisé,
  • CDN CloudFlare pour la protection du site.

Lien : Agence CQMI : Centre Québecois des mariages internationaux

Modern and interactive web projects to support our clients

A new website for the Kativik Regional Government

We are actually creating a web portal for the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) under Joomla! The website will promote the services provided by KRG to the people of Nunavik as well as reporting on local news, job offers within KRG and in all Nunavik organizations, and helping people finding what they are looking for.

Joomla! is very INTERACTIVE: web administrator(s) will be able to post easily job ads and update a business directory, for we build data bases within the website which are very convenient for updating the information. This is really a good tool for all kind of users: web administrators and web visitors! 

The website will represent the Inuit community so we hope it will be well identified and that the people will made it belonging to them! We wish to offer them a website which looks like them!


A new website for the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi

The Cree First Nation of Waswanipi has been for a long time without website, though all the Cree Communities have their own one now. So the time came for Waswanipi to get its own too!

Waswanipi mandated Soleica to create its website and we are very proud to promote the Cree community through this project as much as we are proud to promote the Inuit community. The website will use Joomla! as well.

As written above, Joomla! is very INTERACTIVE. For the website of Waswanipi we will use tools like video, photos and sounds, for we will put a film video online as well as different thematic photo galleries and soundtracks for specific sections. It should made the people want to discover or re-discover Waswanipi! 

More than everything, we promote the culture of its people and we are very happy to get the chance to spend time with and among them to get closely of their hearts, and to be able to translate the spirit of Waswanipi into a great website!



Wireless Network Extension in the North of Quebec

The Band Office of Whapmagoostui accepts the challenge!!!


Following the request of our client – the Band Office of Whapmagoostui – to connect several external offices to the main building in order to access its centralized computer resources, our IT Technician Jerome Bossert first conducted a field study. He identified the best technology to efficiently connect the offices and to withstand the climate conditions of the Canadian Great North.


He chose Ubiquiti, an efficient and fast technology which can bridge several miles (depending the ground) of distance between the buildings and is made to fit the northern climate and to resist to wind and cold.


If you need to extend your network to other offices (garage, youth center, childcare center…) while centralizing your computer resources in one location, we can help you and set up an efficient broadband wireless network for you!


Virtualization Technologies come up North

We have successfully started the implementation of Microsoft Hyper-V, a new technology that adds to the power of the Windows Server 2008 platform.

ServerHyper-V represents the next era of virtualization, allowing administrators and hosting customers to get the most out of their sever investments and usage. What sets it apart from other virtualization platforms is the ability to run a number of different operating systems in parallel on a single physical server allowing to take full advantage of 64-bit computing.

Server Consolidation

Hyper-V consolidates multiple servers within a single system that simplifies management processes while reducing costs and maintaining competitive benefits such as flexibility, scalability, reliability and security. Aside from saving money on individual servers, this type of virtualization also provides for lower processing power, cooling and management costs. This results in improved flexibility that allows for the integration of 32-bit and 64-bit operations in the same environment.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

serverBusiness continuity refers to the ability to reduce both scheduled and unscheduled downtime. This includes time lost due to routine operations such as backup and maintenance as well untimely events caused by failures and outages. Hyper-V offers extensive business continuity features such as live backup and seamless migration capabilities that enable organizations to meet demanding. Fast, reliable disaster recovery and business continuity tools help to ensure minimal data loss and enhanced remote management capabilities.

Improved Testing and Development

Testing and development are usually the first functions businesses take advantage of with virtualization technology. The use of virtual machines allows development staff to create and test a wide range of scenarios in a secure, self-contained environment. Hyper-V enables the maximum utilization of test hardware, helping to reduce costs, improve test coverage and life cycle management. With support for numerous operating systems and checkpoint features, this virtualization solution makes an excellent platform for test and development environments.

Server virtualization becomes a hot commodity in the North communities for the potential of benefits that can be weighed on the scales of cost and performance.



Reorganising a Municipal Infrastructure

Amend, standardise and secure an IT infrastructure

In response to a request by the Kuujjuaraapik mayor's office to amend, standardise and secure its IT systems and to put in place a reliable backup solution, Soleica undertook a technical assessment to analyse the needs of each client of the network and to come up with several proposals.

Each proposal was optimised for the specific needs of the customer, yet always meeting the overall requirements. The proposals also kept in mind different budget models from minimum expenses to higher end solutions.

Finally the Northern Village's mayor's office decided to go with a server/thin client solution.

Thin clients are terminals which connect to the central server via the local area network (LAN). You might look at a thin client as a simple monitor which is directly connected to the server, instead of a local computer.
Thus each user works on his thin client, with his personalised work space and secured access.

All resources (software, data files) are located on the fast, stable and reliable server. Daily backup copies are automatically copied on backup tapes. Tapes are known for their longterm reliability as a backup medium (more reliable than many CDs, DVDs or other media). This helps to reduce as much as possible the risk of data loss.

The new system was put in place during several weeks. Then the users were one by one "converted" to the thin clients.

Some difficulties could be resolved, especially with legacy USB printers which were not compatible to the new server's operating system. Fortunately we could connected the printers differently to resolve this issue.

And last but not least, this kind of infrastructure helps saving energy and desktop space: Only 7 watts power consumption and not bigger than 18 x 12 cm!


New Hyper-V Server Installation in Nunavik

Installing the latest technologies while maintaining the customers legacy applications

Soleica just installed a new powerful server in one of Nunavik's Northern Villages.

The physical server configuration is as follows:

  • 2 CPUs 4 core, Intel Xeon 3.16 Ghz
  • 16 Gb RAM
  • 64-bit-Architecture
  • 6 SCSI harddisks, 400 Gb each, Raid 5 array

This server runs Windows 2008 Server Entreprise and the Hyper-V virtualisation module.

This new architecture permits to install up to four virtual servers on the same hardware. Each virtual server is completely independent from the others and optimised for its specific work load (e.g. as an Exchange Server 2007).

This architecture enables us to run different environnements (Windows 2003, 2008, etc.) on a single hardware server and thus to use the most recent technologies together with our customer's legacy application.


Our Customers

Information Technology Systems for the North

Soleica is specialized in the development of Information Technology (IT) systems for the First Nations and the Inuit. Soleica is very involved in all Cree and Inuit communities.

We work for many Cree and Inuit organizations in Quebec.

Our Customers are:

  • Cree Regional Authority (CRA)
  • Grand Council of the Cree (GCC)
  • Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD)
  • Whapmagoostui First Nation
  • Cree Nation of Nemaska
  • Niskamoon Corporation
  • Cree Construction and Development Company
  • Cree Health Board
  • Cree Nation of Mistissini
  • Cree Hunters and Trappers
  • Kativik Regional Government (KRG)
  • Kativik School Board (KSB)
  • Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau (KMHB)
  • Tamaani
  • All Nunavik Northern Villages
  • All Nunavik daycare centers