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March 2005, 21 to 26  
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The construction of the igloo began on March 17th and finished on March 24th . Peter Boy Ittukallak was the leader with help from; Tamusi Sivuarapik, Jaani Uitangak, Aadami Sivuarapik, Jackusi Ittukalak, as well as students from Puvirnituq and Inukjuak.

The construction of the igloo went well although the weather had become unusually mild changing the texture of the snow entirely slowing down the process. The snow became heavier and did not stick as well as it would in colder weather. But, regardless of this inconvenience and the fact that a lot of work had to be done (on the scaffolds especially because of the height of the igloo) the igloo was finally finished!

This to the delight of all people concerned!

Details of the measures here! (pdf)



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