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The Vision

Soleica Inc's mission is to develop Information Technology (IT) systems for the First Nations an the Inuit. It is a simple yet immense task.

Working with and for the First Nations is a particularly interesting task whose scope must include not only computer technologies but also the general question of cultural identity. In trying to resolve technical problems, we must take into consideration different elements such as territorial questions, cultural diversity, climate, etc.

For those reasons, I have realized that only a person passionate about the Nordic territory and its inhabitants can accomplish these technical mandates. As we cannot lie to them, we must present ourselves with all our mental and physical strength and a good dose of humility.

I read one day that a country belongs to those who live in it regardless of their origins. This simple thought applies perfectly to the Nunavik and its inhabitants. I have often wondered why this country meant so much to me, especially since I was not born there. Why have I built friendships with them, raised huskies with my wife and children and created a company based on their needs?

I would like to answer that question through the quality of our company's work. By identifying itself directly to the First Nations, Soleica Inc wishes to demonstrate the nobleness of its mission. All must be done for the Indian and Inuit inhabitants of those faraway regions. We start by setting up the architectures, and then we explain, offer training and transmit the information. I find this work to be extremely useful and rewarding.

This company is meant to fully answer these nations' needs for independence and to quench their thirst for new technologies.

This approach we have envisioned, new to most IT companies, aims at totally adapting itself to its clients, whom it searches to understand and respect.