In partnership with Advanced Projects International Inc.


  • We provide global solution for Internet distribution in Arctic extreme conditions. 



Nunavik, 2000 to 2004 (a $ 5 Million project)

We deployed a 14 sites’ mesh IP network using Viasat Linkway technology through Nunavik (north of 55th parallel) for the Kativik Regional Government.

This project also consisted in coordinating other governmental agencies on space segment procurement, civil work (base, fence, shelter, HVAC, electrical), installation and commissioning 4.5‐meter mount antenna 100‐watt, installation and commissioning ofcommunity MMDS wireless networks for local distribution.
Despite extreme conditions in Arctic, we committed to deadline and budget. This project
perfectly showcases our abilities to provide global solution for Internet distribution in
Canadian Arctic communities.


Texas, 2004 (a $ 8 Million project launched by BigBend Telephone of AlpineTexas)

API deployed 600 Satellite phone‐and‐Internet terminals in the desert of Southwest Texas and designed hub/remote terminal infrastructure.

This project contributed to introduce the unique telecommunication network in “Big Bend”, a 1.250 sq. [3 237,5 km2] miles area from Rio Grande to Highway 10, where ranchers used to be totally isolated.