Certification Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server


Our technician based in Whapmagoostui/Kuujjuaraapik has received a Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server certification. He is therefore qualified for planning, deployment and maintenance on Mac OS X Server system and clients.



1.       Installation and configuration:

Installation and initial configuration, administration tools, maintenance and troubleshooting.


2.       DNS Services:

DNS Service configuration on Mac OS X Server.


3.       Authentication, authorisation and access control:

Create and manage user accounts, control permission access using POSIX and the Access Control List (ACL), maintenance and problem resolution.


4.       Open Directory:

Configure the Open Directory, single sign-on, backup of directory data, troubleshooting Open Directory issues and introduction to Kerberos.


5.       File Services:

Configure, maintain and troubleshoot problems related to AFP (Apple File Services), file sharing for Windows users, NFS, network sharing and FTP.


6.       Mail Services:

Configure, maintain and problem resolution.


7.       Web Services:

Web hosting on a single server, offering file sharing services under WebDAV.


8.       Collaboration Services:

Configuration wikis and blog, also the iChat and iCal services to facilitate group work collaboration.


9.       Deployment Solutions:

Configure and manage NetBoot/network install service to deploy Mac OS X.


10.   Manage User’s account:

Manage preferences account, mobiles account management, maintenance and problem resolution.