Antoine, November 12, 2005

QuataqToday's tasks came to an end after we connected the Daycare and the office of KRG Employment and Training. I'll hit the road tomorrow. This stay in Quaqtaq was short but productive. Luc and I have made really good progress. I enjoy working with Luc because he's got very good vibes with the Inuit.



QuataqQuaqtaq is neither extremely beautiful nor spectacular but there's a pretty mysterious kind of mood here. One can see some patterns written on the beach's rocks by the first missionaries of the 19th century. One can also spot abandoned houses here and there, which gives us some matter to think about, as far as the rough-and-tough conditions of living experienced by the first explorers of those cold regions.

QuataqWhile I was taking a walk this afternoon, I ran into this old-fashioned skidoo. What an amazing history this machine must have had! I found myself motionless for a few seconds, trying to visualize how it looked like when the very first skidoo reached Quaqtaq in the 50's. In the land of dogsled, this one might well have been the first that had ever scared the dogs and villagers of Quaqtaq, at the vrooming-booming sound of its engine.

Antoine, November 9, 2005

Quataq enfantsAfter an amazing flight over the snow-covered mounts of Nunavik, lightened by November's weak and low sun, we reached the village of Quaqtaq at dusk. Upon arrival, Luc told me that this spectacle was just awesome (his Discman was playing Peter Gabriel's "across the river"). He added that memories of his trip to the Grand Canyon came back to him.

As usual, the smiling and efficient Jimmy Okpik (a Local Agent of KMHB) welcomed us. He invited us for a ride in his "brand new" truck, a kind of old used Econoline he bought this Summer, with over 200,000 miles. An awesome $1,000 deal, did he tell us!

As we reached the hotel, we watched with great interest the last manoeuvring of Desgagnés's trawler, which was unloading containers of Quaqtaq's Coop. By the way, we noticed with some satisfaction that the Coop was still open, so we'd be able to buy some food for the weekend.

QuataqWhile shopping, we met Ella, the Hotel Manager (a rather pompous term to describe him). The kids who were playing in the Coop called me "Qallunat". Luc was entitled to the same as well.






QuataqToday morning, the low sun rose at around 9:00. After a quick breakfast, we went to the NV to repair the wiring that had been uninstalled by the Local Agents.

This afternoon, we kicked off the task of outdoor wireless connection with the Daycare. I had a chance to train Luc on our installation process. Luc was able to realize how long and physical such a task can be, especially when the outside temperature is -15 or -20 Celsius. I scared myself as I fell off through a floor-door in the Daycare. Luckily enough, there was more fear than pain!